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Download the Matrix ActiveX Component!

Download the Matrix ActiveX Component for free! Use the free trial version in your code, and see how it can simplify your coding tasks. Then come back to register the edition that best suits your needs: Standard, Advanced or Advanced II.

The Free Trial edition is not time-limited and has the same basic functionality as the Advanced II edition, except that it limits the maximum matrix size to 6x6. View the differences between the three editions of Matrix ActiveX Component here.

Matrix ActiveX Component 3.1
Setup type: Zip file containing Setup
File Name: MaXC31.ZIP
Version: 3.1.2
Size: 467 Kb
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After you download and install the software, please open and review the accompanying help file where you will find important information on how to begin using MaXC, as well as code examples with step-by-step usage explanations.

You need to use your Registration Key in order to unlock the full functionality of the component. Registering the software enables you to program with matrices that are larger than 6x6, and also disables the registration reminder screen. Click here to get your Registration Key now!

We provide all of our customers with excellent support, regardless of the version you are using. Even if you are using the Free Trial of our software, please don't hesitate to ask us questions! If you need assistance with the Matrix ActiveX Component, please email us at:

You may also visit our support forum - simply post your query there and receive answers from our support team.